Monday, January 7, 2013


Yishu Dai 
I still don't' get the concept of hexaflex though, why are we trying to find them, and what's special about them that we're trying to find them?
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Bob Burdon 
Welcome to all of my newly acquainted friends and visitors. 
Thank you all so much for joining this group of "Think Tankers" . De Bono would be proud!

Our Quest is to find this honeycomb lattice which I call HEXAFLEX.

This design is elegant and simple in its construction.
Yet for all of its geometrical simplicity it had never been discovered until I serendipitously found it 5 years ago. 

That fact alone is staggering

In that time, with the help of my good friends David, Janice, Kelvin and Seth, a patent was granted in June 2009.

We have identified many possible applications for Hexaflex but there is one thing which continues to elude us.


For all our skill and technological prowess, human engineers still can't match Mother Nature's best designs. Her designs are always simple and elegant

In order to help us focus on this quest I am gathering a collection of images of all natural things which have a degree or two of hexagonality about them. By carefully analysing these images we may gain a clue.

I believe that this geometrical discovery has great significance in science. It could be the precept to precipitate a concept to finally precipitate a paradigm. 

This quest will open a door into another world of possibilities.
We may find its existence in the human body. 
Perhaps it exists in the nanoworld .
Perhaps its the Herpes virus capsid.

Perhaps in your own field of interest/profession you may know where Mother Nature's uses Hexaflex.
Perhaps we could grow stem cells on it.
Perhaps a true mechanical skin.
Perhaps..............Fill in the blank.
Time to flex brain muscles!

Given all the potential of Hexaflex, it is exciting to imagine how this structure will be utilized in the future.

Feel free to explore all aspects of this site. Scroll down to 'Photos' and click on 'See All'. If you are enthused by any particular photo in the album and have a comment that you would like to leave then please feel welcome.
Positive or negative, leave a link, leave a video, upload photos. 
Our think tank will surely reach a critical mass of thoughtful input. 
Feel free to invite your friends to our group. 
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Yishu Dai 
thank you i did read this, but i'm so confused about how exactly this design is helpful
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Bob Burdon 
To find this exact latticework in natural engineering has been the aim of this quest. 
It has unique properties. 
This latticework is governed by a simple geometrical pattern of rectangles with hexagons. The pattern of the layout evolves from the three dimensional geometric tessalation of rhombic dodecahedrons. This pattern allows this two-dimensional pattern to be folded, concertina style, into the third dimension. 
It is based on pure geometry. 
With that in mind, it became my belief that this latticework had to exist somewhere in Mother Nature's toolbox. 
To date, with a limited number of 3D printed prototypes it can model all the allotropes of carbon. As a molecular modelling kit it has the potential for furthering both research and discovery in nanotechnology where I believe it was hiding all along. 
It mimics the surface of a scale on a butterfly wing.....that could be a line of good enquiry and research.
This design makes an amazing toy for both kids and adults. Our consciousness expands to fill whatever you live in. This toy design is helpful in weaning us away from cubic mentality which can turn us into blockheads. This toy intergrates with LEGO ….call it serendipity.
We live in a carbon world.