Sunday, October 27, 2013

More applications

    Aerospace, automotive, defense, test facilities, industrial machines, marine, nuclear, rail.
  • AEROSPACE Satellites, launch vehicles, space shuttle, morph technology.
  • AUTOMOTIVE Crash test barriers, door and roof panels, double-skinned exhaust manifolds, fairings, heat exchange panels, flexible fuel tank, motorcycle fairings.
  • AVIATION Ailerons, cowlings, doors, flooring, flaps, radomes, rudders.
    arterial stent technology, artificial extra-cellular matrix, capsid engineering. Hernia mesh prosthetics.
  • CONSTRUCTION architectural panels, concrete reinforcement in earthquake prone areas, false ceilings, flexible tubular structures, insulation curtains for hazardous material removal, roof panels, wall panel. 
    MARINE bulkheads, bunks, covers, decks, double skinned hulls, hatches, wave energy framework. 
    MISCELLANEOUS dirigibles, double-skinned oil tanks, flexible body armor, oil pipelines, piping / ductwork with interstitial space, radio frequency shielding, soil stabilization mat, solar energy panels, sound attenuation panels. 
    RAIL Ceilings, doors, energy absorbers/bumpers, floors, partitions. 
    RECREATION INDUSTRY athletic shoes, motorcycles, surfboards, snowboards, tent walls, toy, wake board.
    RESEARCH morphing wing concept, nanotechnology, robotics.